WG2 - Joint Research Projects

News from WG2

We have set up two new types of subgroups: Focus areas and Research field groups.

The focus areas are explicitly open to all members of ARBRE-MOBIEU and for partners from industry. The intent of a focus area is to bring together members of ARBRE-MOBIEU working in these fields, in order to exchange ideas, inform each other, apply for grants, organise satellite meetings etc. etc.

The first focus area has been established and here the focus is on “Membranes” (this includes membranes, membrane proteins, lipids, vesicles, etc.) and this focus area will be led by Isabel Alves . For more information on the focus areas, please contact Isabel Alves and Wouter Roos .

The research field groups are small subgroups with only a few WG2 members that have as goal to actively identify and pursue research collaboration possibilities within ARBRE-MOBIEU. The idea is that the subgroups will actively look for people in ARBRE-MOBIEU who could collaborate with each other and that suggestions are made to write grant applications with each other. The three fields in which this will be done are:

  • Molecules (subtitle: Structure, Dynamics and Interactions of Biomolecules),
  • Membranes (subtitle: Membranes, Interfaces and Biomaterials),
  • Cells (subtitle: Cells and Interactions).

The research field subgroups are led by:
– Molecules: Małgorzata Adamczyk,
– Membranes: Nadica Ivosevic DeNardis,
– Cells: Ago Rinken.

Please contact those people or Wouter Roos in case of questions and/or if you are looking for collaborations in these fields.